RAY GROUP is oriented towards a culture of serious and sustainable commitment and collaboration towards its social and ecological environment.

The organizational development department within RAY GROUP annually establishes matrices for the evaluation of environmental risks and hazards and seeks to find and implement control measures for the reduction of waste from operations.

Our inspectors and QSE managers carry out permanent inspections on the company’s premises and work sites to ensure that waste disposal processes and environmental safety procedures are properly implemented.

We also work on raising awareness and communicating environmental matters with all our stakeholders; be it our staff, suppliers, customers or social partners.

Continuous trainings on the risks and potential and emerging hazards are also an essential tool to the development of the company’s internal culture regarding the management and preservation of our environment.

Protecting, preserving and improving environmental conditions within the scope of our operations is a constant moral and professional priority.

The quantitative evaluation of the performance of our environmental management system and the monitoring of our environmental objectives ensure our commitment towards the integration of the “environment” concept in all aspects of our managerial dimension.

The environmental management policy manifests and guides our commitment and behavior, on the ground, towards the social and ecological environments, in accordance with the international standard ISO14001, the legislation of the country where our operations are carried out and the internal organizational standards of our company.

RAY GROUP constantly seeks to make the work environment and context more appropriate when it comes to heath and safety by targeting the reduction, as much as possible, of the risks and dangers that arise from the practices and activities carried out on the ground as part of the operations.

Through the procedural approach of preventive and corrective actions, management review and the establishment of OHS objectives, our management:

  • Establishes and updates the emergency procedure
  • Establishes and updates the incident investigation procedure
  • Establishes and updates the medical support procedure
  • Establishes and updates the risk and hazard assessment matrix
  • Conceives and implements awareness campaigns through initial or continuous trainings
  • Launches periodic inspections of high-risk services and departments
  • Summarizes the results of OHS activities into a quantitative analysis to measure the efficiency.

Our Occupational Safety and Health (OHS) system is part of our managerial culture and is further evidence of our commitment and partnership with our staff.

The Occupational Safety and Health Policy, has been designed to highlight the commitment of the general management towards the well-being and safety of its staff on the ground, the design and implementation of the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) system and is in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 international standard, the legislation of the country where our operations are carried out and the internal organizational standards of our company.

The quality policy represents the pillar of quality management, in accordance with the ISO9001 international standard and the company’s internal organizational standards.

RAY GROUP is committed to an organizational culture of quality and excellence. Our general management constantly aims at the company’s continuous development at all levels.

Our primary objective is acquiring and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. It is within this framework that we work on our participative management, in parallel with the periodic establishment of tactical and strategic objectives.

We demonstrate a professional and social commitment to our human capital and our environment through the implementation of the international standards of Quality Management (ISO9001), Environment (ISO14001) and Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS18001).

The establishment of quality objectives and a periodic review of system performance through planned management reviews.

We believe in quantitative management and the development of technical, human and strategic skills and competencies.

Meeting the requirements, demands and needs of our current and potential customers, offering unique services and products to our market segments form the essential foundations of our management and managerial approach.